The Oregon Virtual School District Partnership Initiatives for K-12 Schools

Public/Private Partnerships enrich OVSD's online teaching and learning tools available to Oregon schools.  Interested school districts can gain access through OVSD to virtual learning content and cloud applications for blended classroom instruction and distance learning. OVSD serves over 250,000 students and teachers through Google Applications for Education, Apex Learning, Connect EDU and student learning applications hosted by Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab. OVSD also ensures that Oregon teachers receive professional development, training, and support in using these tools to enhance classroom instruction.





OVSD has partnered with APEX Learning to offer their Advanced Placement Exam Review and Preparation courses to Oregon public school students at no additional charge.  After schools submit the online student sign up form,  students are provided unlimited access to self paced review courses. 
Online AP Exam Review for Oregon Students
Students get extra support to earn college credits while in high school
Oregon Education and Apex Learning® have entered into a new new partnership that will provide Oregon public high school students with access to online Advanced Placement* test preparation at no cost to the school or student. Starting imediately, Oregon students will have access to a range of tools and resources to help them better prepare to take, and succeed in, their AP exams. This initiative is tied to Governor Kitzhaber’s education reform efforts and the urgent need to ensure all students are prepared for college and career in order to meet our state’s 40-40-20 goal.
"I am committed to investing in kids and in schools so that Oregon students have the resources they need to succeed in a 21st century economy," said Governor Kitzhaber. "Programs that give high school students the opportunity to accrue college credit are key to making post-secondary education more accessible and affordable, and are critical to achieving our overall education goals."
During the 2011-12 school year, over 14,000 Oregon public school students took more than 22,000 AP exams.  This is a 28% increase in the number of students taking AP exams over the past five years.  However, just over half of these exams received a score of 3 or higher (the score generally associated with receiving college credit).  Starting this school year, students enrolled in AP courses will have access to Apex Learning online AP Exam Review, including access to an online AP exam review teacher, to increase their chances of receiving college credit for their advanced coursework. Apex Learning is a leading provider of blended and virtual learning solutions to the nation's schools.
“This partnership provides one more tool to help prepare students for success in college,” said Oregon Deputy Superintendent Rob Saxton. “We know that when students take rigorous, college-level coursework while in high school, do well on the exams, and graduate with college credits already under their belts, they are more likely to go to, succeed in, and graduate from college. As a state, we are committed to increasing graduation rates and college-going rates and that work starts with ensuring our students have the tools they need to succeed.”
This statewide agreement offers online AP exam review in 12 subject areas to up to 15,000 Oregon students. Students can take advantage of the exam prep resources for as many of these subjects as they wish at no cost. The costs, and management of the partnership, are being provided by the Oregon Virtual School District, an online teaching and learning resource for Oregon schools and districts funded by the state Legislature and managed by the Oregon Department of Education. 
This online resource does not take the place of outstanding classroom teachers or rigorous instruction.  However, it adds an additional tool to resource-strapped school districts looking to help more students prepare for college.  This partnership fits seamlessly with other tools already available for Oregon schools and districts to help encourage participation in rigorous, college-level courses. All sophomores in Oregon public schools have the opportunity to take the PSAT free of charge.  Using PSAT results, schools are able to use a tool call AP Potential, provided by the College Board, to identify which AP courses students are likely to do well in.  Now with the Apex Learning AP exam review, students can receive additional support in preparing for success on these course exams.  Combined, these resources can help increase the number of students taking, succeeding in, and receiving college credit for, AP coursework.  This will ultimately reduce the cost of college for our students and families and put students on the path to college success and completion.
*AP is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, AP Exam Review.

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• AP Chemistry
• AP English Language 
and Composition
• AP English Literature 
and Composition
• AP Macroeconomics 
• AP Microeconomics
• AP Psychology
• AP Physics B
• AP Spanish Language 
and Composition
• AP Statistics
• AP U.S. Government and Politi

ConnectEDU's Epsilen Blended Learning Environment

OVSD has Partnered with ConnectEDU to bring new opportunities for Blended Learning to Oregon's Middle School and High School Classrooms.  Available to schools in March of 2013, the Epsilen Learning Environment brings a suite of turn key teaching and learning tools and vast content repositories to the classroom.

Epsilen delivers digital content in ways you can easily Share and access course materials, curricula, course modules, lessons, tests, quizzes, or supporting materials such as articles, textbooks, videos, photo libraries, etc. Students, instructors, and course designers can leverage the power and potential of a global learning community to access relevant content to meet with their objectives.

When you are an Epsilen member, you will have full access to:The New York Times Content Repository, containing over 160 years of articles and interactive features – all fully searchable. 






Oregon's Agreement with Google for its free Google Apps for Education provides domains for any public K-12 school district and Educational Service District in Oregon that wants to sign up through ODE. The services available to educators and students are:



  • E-mail (GMail) with filtering and protection (Postini suite)
  • Calendar (Google Calendar)
  • Online documents (Google Docs)
  • Private online discussion groups (Google Groups)
  • Audio and video conferencing (Google Talk & Hangouts)
  • Public or Private streaming video (Google Video) 
  • Web site creation (Google Sites and Google Pages)
  • Social Networking for students over the age of 13 (Google Plus)
  • Google advertising is turned off by default for all accounts.